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Science and practiceSpecific goals of LOSONational Platform
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Landelijk Overleg Sportgezondheids Onderzoek
Sport & physical activity in relation to health is becoming more and more important in modern society. So bridging the gap between science and sport, physical activity & health deserves full attention. It has been proposed that issues/topics suggested by the sports and health practice should be more leading in the programming and planning of scientific research in the Netherlands. On the other hand, more attention should be given to the translation and implementation of scientific results and more results should be made available in the practice of sport, physical activity & health.
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Science and practice of sports & exercise and health
The mission of LOSO is to stimulate high quality scientific research on sport, physical activity & health with the accent on prevention, medical care and performance. LOSO especially wants to facilitate the distribution of the generated knowledge.

LOSO wishes the organizations in the field of sports & exercise to suggest relevant research topics. These topics/issues might be able to be transformed to formal applications for research grants or might be able to be dealt with by limited desk research. LOSO wishes to cooperate intensely with organizations in the field of sport, physical activity & health.
Specific goals of LOSO
1. To promote and to carry out research on Sport, Physical Activity & health.
2. Concentrate this scientific research around the 5 prominent academic centres.
3. Prioritize and programme the research on Sport, Physical Activity & health.
4. Stimulate the use of these research results in the field of sports & exercise.
National Platform (Klankbordgroep SBG)
LOSO set up a national platform where researchers and organizations in the fields of sport, physical activity & health can meet. The following organizations are members of this National Platform: NOC*NSF, VSG, NISB, FSMI, KTS, ZonMw en VWS.

Within this platform relevant scientific issues are discussed and research is prioritized. On the basis of these discussions an advice is formulated. Proposals of research topics can be sent in to this platform with a questionnaire.

For more information please contact LOSO.